Best Arthritis Pain Relief Cream To Buy: Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

Arthritis being one of the most painful medical problem. Best Arthritis Cream is much needed in today’s day and age. A well working arthritis cream helps to not only relieve incessant pain in the muscles and the joints but makes sure that the condition doesn’t worsen.

Here are some of the Top Arthritis Pain Relieving Creams in the market currently on the basis of their quality and effectiveness:

1. Penetrex 2 Oz Pain Relief Therapy – Arthritis Pain Relief Cream 

Penetrex pain relief therapy stands true to its name; having been recognized as one of the most potent solutions out there when it comes to curbing all kinds of body pain especially arthritis.

It is so effective when it comes to healing that it was considered to be one of the best kept pain relieving secrets up until a few years ago. Manufactured by Biomax Health Products, Inc. The cream actually works if you’re suffering from arthritis, chronic pain, hip pain, tennis elbow, tendonitis, back pain, knee pain, neuropathy, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder more and more.

It is an internationally loved product having been widely accepted in over 100 countries across the globe. Moreover, the cream is paraben-free and has been F.D.A certified as well.

The fact that the brand has given a money-back guarantee policy on this product is a testament to the high quality standards the brand follows.

Essentially, Penetrex is an anti-inflammatory cream which should be applied in a direct manner on the portions of the skin where you experience pain and discomfort, as a result of inflammation of the ligaments, tendons, nerves or muscles. 

What sets this apart is the fact that it doesn’t come with any side effects and it showcases instant results. It comes with an intensive concentrated formula which ensures less number of applications.

It is a non staining and non greasy cream in nature, an aspect which is further complemented by the vanishing scent. It has been released in the market after no less than 8 years of stringent research. Some of its major elements include the likes of Vitamin B6, Arnica, Glucosamine, Arnica, Boswellia Serrata, to name a few. 


  • Widely reputed as a cream that not only removes pain, but repair and heals significantly. 
  • Shows instant results within a few applications. 
  • Doesn’t come with any side effects like some of its counterparts. 
  • Enhances the overall flexibility quotient and range of motion. 
  • Exudes a vanishing scent. 
  • Non-staining and non-greasy cream in nature. 
  • Has been widely tested for years and years before being released in the market. 
  • Comes with critical elements like clinically recommended Vitamin B5, Glucosamine, MSM, Arnica and more. 
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. 
  • Paraben-free cream.


  • Might produce rashes if you have sensitive skin.


If you’re suffering from like back pain, knee pain, arthritis, tendonitis, neck pain and similar ailments, Penetrex is tailor made to suit your needs. Known to not just curb pain, but trigger quick healing and recovery, Penetrex has been around for ages satisfying millions of customers across the world.

How to Apply:

For an initial period of 7-10 days, you can apply this cream up to 4 times a day depending on the severity of your condition. After that, either tone down or scale up your applications according to the progress.

2. Australian Dream – A Highly Functioning Topical Cream for Arthritis

Best cream for Arthritis Pain

If you’re suffering from arthritis pain, all you need to do is rub a small amount of the Australian Dream cream on the affected area and you’re golden.

Coming with a highly potent agent called histamine dihydrochloride. The cream gets quickly absorbed by the skin which helps in producing results quicker than some of the other counterparts available in the market today.

It helps trigger the body’s response to pain by improving blood circulation and increase blood vessel size. This helps nullify pain and discomfort within a matter of minutes.

The cream comes with an ‘empty jar guarantee’ i.e. you can even return an empty jar back to the brand if you’re dissatisfied with the product. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

The cream can be used to treat sprains, strains and general bruises as well. It exhibits no fragrance and is non-greasy in nature. 


  • Ideal to provide relief from throbbing joint and muscle pain due to arthritis.
  • Gets quickly absorbed by the skin.
  • Comes with a prominent pain relieving agent named histamine dihydrochloride.
  • Aids blood circulation in the body.
  • Also works well with sprains, strains, backache and other kinds of bruises. · Doesn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation.
  • Odour-free cream.
  • Non-greasy in nature.
  • Comes with money-back guarantee; a sign of the product’s effectiveness.
  • Gives instant results.


  • Not enough scientific data has been provided by the brand. 
  • Isn’t always easily accessible at all stores.
  • Relatively high priced product. 
  • Comes in handy for minor aches and pains only.


Having been specifically designed to provide instant relief from pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, this Australian Dream Cream is a must have. It helps increase blood circulation to mitigate the effects of the ailments on the affected area. It isn’t greasy in nature and doesn’t exhibit any side effects or burning.

How to Apply:

Use the cream up to 4 times a day depending on the gravity of the pain you experience; do keep in mind that you only need a small amount during application.

3. Blue Emu Original Analgesic – Best Cream When It Comes to Treating Arthritis Pain

Blue Emu is an internationally recognized topical cream which is known to deliver an instant soothing formula from both minor and acute pain. Once applied directly on the affected area, it provides maximum results thanks to a potent combination of Aloe Vera and Emu oil.

Other major constituents include the likes of MSM and Glucosamine. With the healing power of Emu oil and the effective soothing quotient of Aloe Vera, this is definitely a power packed analgesic cream which will come in handy.

The original Emu oil present in the cream is fundamentally a transdermal carrier, which helps it to penetrate the skin quite instantly giving fast results.

A trusted brand through and through, Blue Emu works well with joint and muscle pain apart from pain in the shoulders, neck, hips, ankles, neck, feet and other body parts. It acts as a moisturizer as well working well on dry and cracked skin types.

This is the Best arthritis cream which enhances mobility due to its quick action and doesn’t come with any side effects. A non-greasy cream when it comes to application, the emu oil is a rich source of fatty acids, which is essential for our body in ways more than one.


  • Comes with a highly powerful soothing formula.
  • Provides instant soothing action.
  • Comes with quality ingredients like MSM, Glucosamine, Aloe Vera, Emu Oil.
  • Ideal to be used with sensitive skin as well.
  • Emu oil helps to penetrate the skin effectively.
  • Can be used on the shoulders, back, neck, hips, knees, ankles, hands, feet.
  • Works well with cracked and dry skin too.
  • Cream is non-greasy in nature.
  • Provides relief from acute joint and muscle pain.
  • Exhibits negligible side effects.
  • Has a very calming moisturizing after-effect.
  • Emu oil is considered as a good source of essential fatty acids.


  • Placed in the expensive price bracket. 
  • Can only be found at selected stores.


Coming from one of the most trusted brands across the world, Blue Emu cream is an ideal product when it comes to relieving pain caused by arthritis. Using a powerful combination of emu oil and Aloe Vera, it not only mitigates discomfort, but also makes the skin silky smooth. It penetrates the skin quickly which ensures fast results.

How to Apply:

In order to get best results, apply the cream 2-3 times regularly on a daily basis for at least 2 weeks. Adjust the application frequency on the basis of the progress made.

4. Miracle Rub 32 OZ – Well Balanced Pain Relieving Cream

If you’re suffering from arthritis, rheumatism or bursitis, this Miracle Rub will act as the perfect daily remedy for you.

I know how agonizing pain from such ailments can be; it makes good sense to have a potent pain relieving cream at hand which works instantly, so as to provide maximum relief in quick time.

This cream can be used right from swollen joints to sore backs, painful tendons to knees, hands, muscles and more. Its main constituent is UltraAloe which forms 42% of the overall composition.

This has been naturally made by harvesting whole leaf aloe at optimum potency. It not only relieves pain quickly, but it restores the normal order right from the first application. This is recommended for stiff muscles, joints, sprains, strains and other such general health issues as well.


  • Ideal cream to treat tendons, sore backs, swollen joints, muscles, hands and knees.
  • Can be used to treat bursitis, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Helps relieve pain instantly.
  • Restores balanced comfort levels substantially.
  • Provides a soothing touch to tendons, muscles and joints. 
  • Has been made of 42% high grade UltraAloe in its purest form. 
  • Can be used to relive pain from strains and sprains.
  • Penetrates quickly into the skin.
  • Helps treat inflammation effectively.


  • Doesn’t come with a good fragrance; might be off-putting for some individuals.
  • Doesn’t contain homeopathic ingredients. 


If you want quick and effective pain relief from swollen joints, sore knees, back, muscles, painful tendons and joints, then Miracle Rub is the ideal choice to suit your needs. It has a warm and soothing effect all in all and is recommended for individuals suffering from Bursitis, Rheumatism and Arthritis.

How to Apply:

Apply a couple of times on a daily basis for at least 7-10 days till you notice substantial changes.

5. Capzasin-HP – Highly Rated Arthritis Cream

Capzasin HP is known to provide some much needed relief from minor pain in the muscles and joints, caused due to arthritis.

However, it also works well with sprain, strains, backaches and bruising too. What sets Capzasin apart is how it works its magic on our skin. As soon as it is applied, it triggers a lot of heat inside our body which helps activate a particular kind of nerve cell.

This tones down a natural substance in our body which is responsible for sending pain-related signals to our brain. Hence, we don’t feel too much pain. Good trade-off right?

However, one needs to be wary about using only a small amount as it does have side effects if too much quantity is used in one go. Be careful to keep it away from mouth, nose and eyes. This is why it is meant to be used only by adults and children over 18 years of age.


  • Used to treat minor pain in joints and muscles.
  •  Recommended for individuals suffering from arthritis.
  • Can be used to relieve backaches and bruising.
  • Used to treat sprains and strains as well.
  • Recommended by doctors on a worldwide scale.
  • Odour-free cream in nature.
  • Comes with very high potency, which ensures efficient action.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin and gets absorbed quickly.


  • Might causing burning sensation if too much cream is applied at once. 
  • Can cause stinging on the targeted area.
  • Might be too warm for sensitive skin.
  • If you breathe in the dried residue of the cream on your skin, it might cause sneezing and coughing along with irritation and discomfort.
  • Not suitable for acute muscle and joint pain.


One of the most reasonably priced creams on the market, this brings definite value for money given its instant relief quotient One of the best arthritis cream which ideally should be used on a daily basis, it penetrates deep into the skin and helps provide relief instantly. It has a higher potency than other creams and is odour-free in nature.

How to apply:

Capsaicin topical is ideally used up to 4 times on a daily basis or go as per doctor consultation. Do remember not to use too much cream in one go.

Check out this video to learn the best natural treatments for Arthritis. 

Advantages of Using Best Arthritis Cream

  • Provides instant and natural relief from incessant muscle and joint pain.
  • Penetrates deep into the skin with a quick absorbing action.
  • Can be used to treat a wide range of medical ailments like strains, sprains, back ache, shoulder pain and recurring pain in other body parts.
  • Helps in triggering faster recovery and healing as well.
  • Is a good fit for sore muscles.

What’s The Need For An Effective Arthritis Cream?

A potent arthritis cream gives you both short term and long term benefits, if applied in a proper manner. These are also ideal for cases of throbbing pain and inflammation which can lead to massive irritation and discomfort. Also, such creams help tone down the pressure you put on your joints on a daily basis. This results in a longer, happier and a more comfortable life. Now, who doesn’t want that?