Best Foot Creams To Buy: Ultimate Buying Guide and Reviews

What’s the one body part which takes on a beating day in and day out? 

You guessed it right – Our Feet!

Do you have issues like dry feet, cracked heels or ​pain due to diabetes?

Then, all you need to do is look out for a Best Foot Creams and introduce your feet to comfort and skincare they have been craving for.

And Guess What?

 ​I have prepared a list of Foot Creams for you which I personally recommend.​


Applied For


Dry Feet 

1.3 Ounces

Best foot cream for dry foot



Cracked Feet

3.2 Ounces

Foot Cream for Calluses

AHAVA Mineral

Rough Soles

5.1 Ounces

Best foot cream guide

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula


2 Ounces

Best foot cream for Diabetic

Magnilife Pain Relieving 


4 Ounces

Gold Bond Ultimate softening foot cream

Gold Bond

Ultimate Softening 

Cracked Feet

4.8 Ounces

best foot lotion for dry feet

Nu Skin’s Sole Solution

Sensitive Feet

4.2 Ounces

These are the Best foot creams which will help you to achieve all your foot beauty goals by making them soft and healthy.

#1. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream – Your Best Bet for Foot Cream Moisturizer

A brand that needs no introduction, L’Occitane has once again come up with a utility product which performs seamlessly in every kind of weather. The popularity of this Shea Butter foot cream has been soaring in recent times; so much that this product was reputed with noteworthy awards on the lines of quality for 2 consecutive years.

The difference maker in the cream is the Lavender essential oil coming right from the beautiful country of France. This oil helps to deal with inflammation, treats redness and aids the healing of the scar tissue.​

Shea butter in it, shows anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it is made up of vitamins and fatty acids which help with the smoothening of the skin throughout.

The USP of this foot cream from L’Occitane is that it lasts an entire day. The only drawback of the product is its hefty price quotient; having been set in a range higher than the average foot cream.

I have personally used this foot lotion and my feet bear testimony to its effectiveness. It is one of the Best Foot Care Creams. You should try it.


  • Good for moisturizing and softening of the skin;
  • Helps to Treat Inflammation
  • Induces healthy blood circulation.


  • Takes subsequent applications for the results to show up.
  • A little on the expensive side

Verdict: This Shea butter foot cream from the house of L’Occitane is ideal for individuals with dry heels and cracked feet. The higher price point is worth the product’s quality.

#2. O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream – Best Foot Cream for Dry Feet

Best foot cream for dry foot

Don’t pay too much heed to the oddly shaped blue tub; when it comes to quality and results, this cream is second to none. This O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Cream ensures that you never have to experience dry feet and cracked heels. I understand how irritating this can be, especially come winter season.

Contrary to the ones listed here, this one’s is affordable and gives great results. It consists the mixture of Allantoin and Glycerin, which makes this foot cream effective when used regularly.

What separates this O’Keeffe’s feet cream from the rest is its turnaround time i.e. it works in a matter of mintues. This foot cream is not just for repairing dry skin, it also adds a protective moisture layer as well ensuring smoothness all over.


  • The oil-free formula ensures that you can use the foot cream at any time of the day without slipping.
  • A protective layer of moisture comes additional to the healing properties and the cream also prevents further foot issues.
  • The price tag is also affordable, so healthy feet are at a quick disposal of everyone.
  • The perfect formulation enables the brand to even offer a money back guarantee if the cream fails to satisfy your feet.
  • An ideal pick if you’re looking for an oil-free feet cream.


  • Tub Packaging is not as Good as the Other Tubes.
  • Needs Special Handling Care.

Verdict: An ideal pick if you’re looking for an oil-free feet cream. You do not always need an expensive product for your foot care needs. This cream is affordable as well as shows great results especially for dry feet. 

Pro Tip: Moisturizing must be followed by covering the feet and exfoliating them the next morning. Make sure that the foot cream has anti-inflammatory properties in order to soothe any inflammation.

#3. AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream – A Taste of Luxury and Best Foot Cream for Calluses

Foot Cream for Calluses

Made up with top quality ingredients which work wonders with the skin, AHAVA mineral foot cream is one to savour. It has been exclusively derived from components coming from the Dead Sea, including a proprietary mineral component – Osmotor.

The foot cream is rich in nature, ideal for moisturizing purposes, treating irritation and cracks.

One important thing to note is the fact that this cream can be used to treat dry skin on the knees and elbows as well (thanks to the presence of avocado oil and aloe vera), even though it is primarily a foot cream.

This AHAVA mineral foot cream has been made from top quality plant extracts, wheat germ and the perfect combo of jojoba oil and almond oil, all of which help hold in the moisture. Moreover, it comes with tree leaf oil which helps treat fungus and bacteria.

The presence of salicylic acid in the cream renews dry and tired skin on the feet. AHAVA has been widely recognized as a luxury cosmetics brand across the world, and there are good reasons why. If you wish to own a rich cream that provides relief, treats dry feet and comes with a pleasant aroma, then this is the cream for you.


  • The light fragrance lingers and delights throughout the day
  • The results are quick to surface.
  • Great moisturization
  • The Effects lasts all Day Long. 


  • Expensive as compared to the other products

Verdict: It is one of the Best Foot Cream that works well for all foot problems and leaves you with happy feet. The high-quality ingredients add to the price and thus may be of some concern to the buyer. The effects, however, are definitely worth the price.

#4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream – Suits Both the Feet and the Pocket

Best foot cream guide

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream is an ideal package for individuals who suffer from rough and dry feet regularly. Having been developed in the cold lands of Norway, the cream is tailor made to be used during lower temperatures. As we all know, dry and cracked skin is too common in winters and can be a nuisance if not treated properly. This is where this foot cream ticks all the right boxes, by providing instantaneous relief.

This is better for the skin and ensures maximum comfort as well. Moreover, the presence of Menthol adds a sense of fragrance along with providing a substantial healing effect.​

This Neutrogena foot cream helps to soften calluses and provide relief from substantial dryness and is made for daily usage.

If you’re looking for a moisturizing cream for all weathers that is affordably priced, then this Neutrogena Norwegian cream is meant for you. The concentrated formula of the cream includes quality ingredients like glycerin, keratin and amino acids which help trap the moisture around the feet.

Neutrogena is one of the most highly recognizable names on the planet; hence you can be assured of its quality standards. Dermatologically tested, Neutrogena has once again come up with a fulfilling product for your daily cosmetic needs. It is one of the best moisturizers in the market, meant for daily use. 


  • The presence of menthol gives a pleasant fragrance
  • Amazing texture and thereby supple and soft feet
  • Shows results almost instantly.
  • The research and testing behind this superior cosmetic wonder make it a hit in terms of quality.


  • There are no drawbacks of this product so far. 

Verdict: Good pick if you experience dry skin very often, especially in winters. It is the best dry feet lotion. Once you use this cream, you will believe instantly in the fact that superior quality may not always be expensive.

#5. Magnilife Pain Relieving Foot Cream-Best Foot Cream for Diabetics

Best foot cream for Diabetes

As if sweet deprivation wasn’t enough, diabetes comes with scores of other issues that take the better of your health and stamina and foot numbness and pain are one of the major issues that one is subjected to. Caring for feet thus becomes a prime concern.

You can now ace your routine activities like a boss with this cream that can be applied to the entire foot and also to the hands for that lovely moisturized feel. Your daily beauty regime is incomplete without this pain combatting beauty cream.​ 

People suffering from diabetic neuropathy benefit greatly from MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream.


  • The tub can be regarded as a miracle formulation that relieves unbearable pain and numbness from diabetes.
  • The burning sensations from nerve pain are tackled by antioxidants and essential oils from plants.
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • No mineral oils, petroleum, and fragrance. 


  • This Foot Cream does not have any drawbacks. 

Verdict: Diabetes may also come with irritating itch sensation that the cream helps to combat. While diabetes may debilitate you and make it difficult to even walk around, it’s high time that you take the reins of control and do something about it. A small tub and the pain is gone.

#6. Gold Bond Ultimate Softening Foot Cream: Foot Cream for Cracked Feet

foot cream for cracked heals

Do you suffer extreme roughness and dryness of skin? Have your feet given in their beauty to daily abuse? Gold Bond has a solution in 4-ounce volume. Anyone who needs to moisturize their dry feet can use this product that isn’t too heavy on the pocket.

The cream comprises of shea butter and the silk peptide matrix that is a proprietary of Gold Bond. It also boasts of vitamin formulation apart from the moisturizers. It renders a velvety soft feel to the feet due to its extremely rich texture.​


  • A few uses are enough to convince you of the efficacy of the cream.
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Safe for all skin types.
  • It emanates fresh scent.
  • The non-greasy texture makes it suitable for the application, any time of the day.
  • It is pretty cost effective given that it needs to be applied just once a day for the sensation of softness is long lived.
  • It comes packed with healing properties that enable it to reduce calluses, even the tough ones.


  • The product is a bit creamy because of the ingredients. 

Verdict: It is one of the best foot creams and can be bought online. Budget isn’t a constraint for there is a good cream to suit all budgets. Each of these is formulated from ingredients that ensure skin softening and strengthening and buying one would be a great investment. Your feet will thank you later and you can flaunt them in any beautiful footwear that you like.

#7. Nu Skin’s Foot Cream Sole Solution – Pamper more than the Skin

When it comes to problems with the sole skin, this Nu Skin’s Foot Cream is the ideal bet. Given the range of foot creams in the market as per today, this one’s a refreshing option as it brings dedicated solutions.

It is not just a mere moisturizer, it mitigates production of dead skin and alleviates scaling as well. It also works well whilst dealing with redness, especially on the side of the feet.

One important thing to note here is that the product is fragrance-free; hence if you have a thing for this, you might find this as the best option. One of its constituents is the allspice berry which makes it completely natural on the skin and mild to your sensitive senses.

One of the biggest USPs of this Nu Skin’s foot cream is the fact that it helps to relieve the pain and the drudgery that comes from fulfilling daily chores.

Another perk is that this foot cream is hypoallergenic in nature; hence you don’t need to worry about any subsequent allergies even after extended use. This is one facet that separates it from some of other counterparts available in the market today. Safely tested by dermatologists, you can never go wrong with this Nu Skin’s foot cream sole solution.


  • It is the perfect solution to redness on heels, toes and other parts of the feet.
  • Foot stress and daily pain from running around are relieved greatly by this cream.
  • Dermatologically approved.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance and allergen free
  • Suits all skin types


  • It isn’t very appropriate if you are just looking at the vanity benefits.

Verdict: Your natural pedicure comes home with the goodness and stress relief of foot reflexology with this cream that understands your fatigue from long hours of working and helps just right to resolve all foot problems.

Benefits of Foot Cream and Why Opt For A Foot Lotion?

  • Helps to treat cracked and dry heels, which is essential during lower temperatures.

  • Helps to smoothen the skin and treat any rough patches.

  • Helps prevent sores and cuts and may help in dealing with infections as well.

  • Ideal for treating any blisters.

  • Foot creams relieves pain, discomfort and itching.

  • Makes the feet silky smooth.

Check out this amazing video to learn the awesome tips to make your feet look fabulous.

Best Diabetic Foot Care 

Extra foot care is recommended for people suffering from diabetes as the reduced nerve sensation may lead them to amputation or loss of limb. There are specially formulated foot creams that the diabetics must use in order to minimize these risks and stay comfortable all day. Moisturization is very important in such cases and it is wise to opt a cream that isn’t very oily. A fragrance-free cream is the best choice that minimizes the chance of irritation. Aloe Vera is a recommended ingredient and Magnilife pain relieving foot cream is the foot cream for Diabetic foot care. 

How to Choose the Ideal Foot Cream? 

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the right kind of foot cream is no cakewalk. There are multiple parameters to consider before you opt for one. Given the wide range of options available in the market today, you will most likely feel spoilt for choice.

That makes the choice that much harder. Not just top brands, many nascent brands have entered this cosmetic industry given the demand for natural, organic and efficient products with 0 side effects.

Things to ConsiderFirst things first, you need to be familiar with the foot-type you have. After all, everything depends on the quality of your feet, isn’t it?

For example, if you possess cracked heels and experience dryness very often, you need some special ingredients which might not be available in every regular foot cream out there. You would need best foot cream for cracked heels. 

Other situations wherein you experience frequent pain in your feet makes for a different solution. Then, you need to choose according to any medical condition that you might have like diabetes.

There are special foot creams for diabetic individuals as cracking and dryness is far too common in such cases. Once this is decided, you need to consider your budget, as not every foot cream is priced in the affordable bracket.

Don’t just go for big brands thinking they’re synonymous with quality; consider the other parameters first. However, the price of a foot cream often suggests high quality standards.

Need Foot Cream for Daily Use: 

If you want a foot cream for daily usage because you have a condition, opt for one with natural ingredients or one which has been organically made. In such cases, foot creams made from essential oils would work best for you, as these will help relieve pain, itching, inflammation and may prevent chances of infections as well. However, such creams might be beyond your budget, so you might want to sample them first and then take a decision.

Apart from the big cosmetic brand names, you will find that there is a wide array of drugstore brands which you can choose from. Always pay heed to the ingredients section before picking one. More often than not, you will find constituents like Shea butter, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Salicylic acid and more. Hence, the presence of essential oils can act as a deal maker if you’re looking for daily usage.

Variety of Foot Creams: Something for Everyone

Before taking the plunge, figure out what your exact needs are according to your skin type. If you are simply looking for a moisturizer because your skin becomes dry too often, it makes good sense to buy a rich foot cream.

However, make sure that the cream absorbs quickly, because you don’t want to slip every now and then. Also, having a moisturizing barrier becomes an add-on. But if you don’t have too many options due to limited budget, you can use such a foot cream in tandem with special socks.

Such silicone-heeled socks don’t allow the moisture to leave the skin, which is all that matters at the end of the day, isn’t it? This is what makes such creams ideal for winters. If you’re a sucker for non-fragrant creams, you will get many options that will suit your taste. Aloe Vera is one ingredient that you should look out for in this case.

If you’re suffering from a medical condition however or a persistent allergy, do consult a doctor first. Don’t opt for a foot cream just because it has the right ingredients or it fits your budget; take your health seriously and go for medical assistance sooner rather than later.

Exclusive Options for Diabetics

Individuals who’re suffering from diabetes need to go for a more exclusive option. Special care is needed here as there are too many symptoms that might trigger discomfort and pain. In such cases, there’s a risk for amputation has diabetes severely affects nerve sensation.

Hence, opting for a Foot Cream for Diabetics becomes the need of the hour. Even if you might have to spend a little beyond your budget, don’t hesitate as you’ll be getting the right product for your health.

Foot creams can not only help keep the feet moist at all times, but also inhibit cracks and cuts that can appear due to significant dryness. It becomes essentially imperative to opt for a foot cream that gets absorbed quickly and shows instant results.

Also, there should be no greasy residue so that comfort is intact as well. Hence, consult your doctor or physician about what the best option is for your feet before you make the decision.


The importance of feet for the body cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to take care of them in order to ensure that you keep up and running for a longer time.

A proper care regime is a must in order to ensure that you are able to wear all those beautiful footwear on the shelves without worrying about pain or calluses.

While vanity is an important attribute, health is also a matter of prime concern. In order to address both the aspects of foot care, it is best to look for and invest in a Foot Cream that will help you maintain your feet beautifully and in a healthy way. Pains may debilitate you and creams will ensure that you stay pain-free.

It’s time to pay some gratitude to one of the integral parts of your body. To the feet that keep you running and help you traverse distances. A little pampering and you will feel the difference. While time and budget do not always allow for an expensive pedicure, you need not spend a lot to have a beautiful and healthy feet. 

It is best to assess your requirement and buy a cream to suit your need and have happy feet. The above-mentioned points may have helped you greatly in making a decision and the reviews will help you make a better choice while buying a foot cream.